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Our Cosmos' Grand Design and Humanity's Future

Last week my blog "Our Cosmos Grand Design" summarized recent scientific understandings of the true nature of  our Cosmos based on recent and ongoing observations by Cosmologists using advanced tools such as the Hubble Telescope.

This week I would like to expand on what I said about the broader implications of this new scientific information for Humanity and our Future at the end of the previous blog, which I have summarized and paraphrased below for your convenience:

"The prevailing view of modern science has been that our Cosmos is a random and meaningless collection of Matter. This view must now be forever replaced by our new understandings which the Science of Cosmology has now revealed through advanced observation. The Grand Design and the Grand Designer have now been revealed in the light of human understanding. Meaning along with Consciousness must now be seen as inherent in our Universe. Our new Cosmology can thus now become a major unifying foundation for Humanity. It is the new ground state of our shared reality with design and consciousness now known to be inherent and fundamental elements of that reality at the macro and thus also the micro levels. We belong here as the evolutionary product of a Cosmos geared to create us to the most exact degree. We are finally Home!"

I believe that this new view of the Cosmos which has been emerging for many years in the scientific community can have an extraordinary and very large impact on our world and our future.  Whether our Cosmos is alive and our existence highly meaningful or primarily dead and our existence a meaningless accident is clearly fundamental to our very understanding of ourselves as human beings.

Is advanced life in the Universe an emergent and expected phenomenon built-in to the very fabric of our Cosmos? Or is life such as we simply a random accident and ultimately an aberration? In other words do we belong in the Cosmos as our natural home or are we some kind of freakish interloper?

No question can be more important to us as it goes to the value of human life both collectively and individually. If we believe we live in the random and meaningless Cosmos and feel that we can't ever belong here then it doesn't truly matter if our species soon dies out or if millions of human beings are killed in wars, starvation or disease. As we have no deeper meaning or purpose and never can.

However, if we believe we live in the meaningful Universe that was designed by a Grand Designer specifically for advanced conscious life such as us to emerge the we feel completely natural and at home in our Cosmos. And then we can consider what purpose our species may have in the greater Cosmos as meaning and purpose are closely connected. We can begin to truly address and contemplate the question of "Why are we Here?" That question can only be addressed under this new paradigm view and it is the seminal question for Humanity to try and answer today.

The 20th Century philosophy of Existentialism which first appeared in the 1940's with proponents such as Jean-Paul Sartre reflected the random materialist scientific view of life and Cosmos predominant at that time. Existentialism is defined as "centering on analysis of individual existence in an unfathomable Universe and the plight of the individual who must assume ultimate responsibility for acts of free will without any certain knowledge of what is right or wrong or good or bad."

Some may recall the well-know Elton John song "Levon" from the early 1970's with this lyric; "When the New York Times said God is dead. And the war's begun. Alvin Tostig has a son today." That says it all. Science killed God and morality and moral codes can now only exist at an individual level. No higher realm, no higher morality, no judge or judgment of our behavior any longer. No heaven and no hell. All's fair in love and war!

Humanity certainly acted in that way. World War II began around the same time as such philosophies became prevalent in our collective thinking. Approximately 50 million people, mostly civilians, died in that most brutal war enabled by technologies of mass destruction. It sure must have seemed that God was dead to everyone alive at that time especially when the first A-bombs were dropped!

The situation is even worse today as the technologies of mass destruction we have built have only gotten much more destructive in their capacities since then and those developments appear neverending now. (See my previous War and Peace 2012 blog.) And there  is little doubt in my mind that another major war will essentially end the continued existence of our species as well as much of Life on Earth.

Even one Nuclear Weapon explosion of today's destructive power could cause a Nuclear Winter which may well be the end for us because of the massive environmental effect of such a detonation. There are ten's of thousands of such weapons in the world today and we continue to build more and "better" (more  destructive) ones at great cost to the nations involved and to our shared future.

How do we step back from the brink of such destruction and evil today? I suggest that it begins with the return of higher meaning and purpose to our Cosmos and our existence along with our understanding of the eternal existence of a Grand Designer who created the Grand Design for our Cosmos. Whether the Grand Designer is seen as God, as Creator, as pure Consciousness or otherwise.

For Humanity to survive and thrive into the longer-term future now we absolutely need the return of a higher Moral Code of right and wrong for ourselves individually and collectively as societies. What is absolutely defined and understood as good and what as evil? Without that we are truly lost. We need a higher moral compass for all of us collectively. One that is alignment and resonance with those of the Grand Designer who imbued the Cosmos with consciousness and meaning and built-in a "Code of Life" for all Life. That is the Code we need and I will post my Blog on that next week. It is truly crystal clear.

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