WorldShift 2012

I might presume that most of You are aware of the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist movement.  What Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph fail to grasp, in Each's approach to a "resource based economy" is that the planet We live on is vastly abundant, and the universe offers incalculable amounts of energy.

As all economies of today are based on energy, with money needed to account for the meaningful energy expended, adding abundant energy eliminates the need for an economy as We presently know it.

(For more on the basis of economies in an energy-scarce world, see My blog:

Adding overunity in a form drawing on the "dark" energy of the universe allows the elimination of an economy altogether, in any sense We Humans grasp as an economy today.  As resource abundance and energy abundance flow, the economy will become a social one, not resource-based.

Released to follow One's bliss, We all will place value, not on resources, but on reputation.

To illustrate this I will offer an example of a painter - but this could be a scientist, an architect, a programmer, a robotics expert, or any other bliss-driven activity that offers betterment.

In the abundance paradigm, Our artist may order Her brushes, paints and canvases (all created by robots and any whose bliss it is to create these things) from the web, delivered to Her by robots (or, should there be any, One whose bliss it is to deliver things...).

She blissfully paints as Her heart leads Her, spending as much time as She chooses - She has no deadline - in completing Her work.  Once She is satisfied that the painting is done, She photographs it and emails the picture to Her "followers."  She may have a small list or a very large list.  She may post the picture on websites to build Her list of followers (Her reputation).

Those who like and want Her painting will contact Her and then She may ask questions, seeking the highest appreciation of Her work (Her "payment" in the form of appreciation).  Eventually, She decides on the recipient of Her piece, sending it via robot to the One She feels most appreciates Her efforts.

Those who appreciate Her work leave glowing comments at Her site...

The resources are not the base of the economy; the social aspects of reputation, appreciation, name recognition, lauds, Self-satisfaction, and so on are what the "economy" will be based on.  Though resources are needed to facilitate abundance, they are not the basis of economy in abundance.

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