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What is the Ultimate Truth? How can we experience Universal Consciousness? It is said that that "the Truth is that which does not change, anything that changes is not real".

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It's all an illusion, for surely , existence itself is an illusion

Universal Truth is Infinite Truth...All Is True, Therefore Truth does not change, because all things are possibly true (or not), all Infinite Possibilities are real and true, as well as the absence of all "believed" true, (ask yourself, by what or whom), depending on which or whose point of reference it relates to.  Through all eyes as a collective Earth cooporative, all is true, thru one vehicle housing one consciousness, (who has forgotten it's origin), only one thing may be true...or not.

I particularly agree with the statement "...because all things are possibly true (or not), all Infinite Possibilities are real and true, as well as the absence of all "believed" true..." because the very structure of the universe, including consciousness and the energy that forms this is itself a manifestation of the the difference between the two possibilities of 'yes' and 'no', or, more properly, whether or not existence of any level is to come into effect.

I look at it this way: the energy from which all matter, consiousness and indeed the very Universe itself is comprised of vibrations.Vibrations arise as a function of the discontinuity between the two states of affairs being somethingness and nothingness. In other words, Matter, as we presently understand it – Energy – is just as much a product of nothingness as it is of somethingness. In fact, “somethingness” is the illusion, for the very reality we wish to explain and enquire into is neither nothing nor something but the very discreet point exactly between the two states which gives rise to the vibrations out of which energy is formed. In a manner of understanding it, there is neither nothing nor something, merely the possibility of either. All is an illusion....

And you may well be leaving out a big one.  We, the humans on our tiny water planet are speaking through the earth vehicle, with delayed senses, and a hu-man brain--whose beliefs taint our limited ability to comprehend that which is un-earth like, i.e., perhaps everything BUT what's earth-like. And example is the lag, which proves time is an earth phenomena, to earth--in actuality, time is an earth clock, from which we project all space/time.  Actually past present and future are all occuring simultaneously. Or, science's inability to find "life" anywhere in things that are alive.  Basically our science works like this:  If it moves, it's alive, if it doesn't it's dead.

Well.. Yes!

So we have solved it!  Yayyyyyy

Did you guys read Ervin's book The Akashik Fields ??

As he does go into this quite deeply and passes our limiting knowledge about everything !

Not yet, I'm poor and happy, an artist, poet and Asperger's autistic savant. I would love to though...I hope to pick his brain on this sight, and others who really have solutions, and come up with unique thought to vaporize the insanity of our current situation into oblivion.

I have just oirdered the book... If everything that changes is not real, and, everything changes, then everything is not real... I stand by my claim that it is all an illusion...

Most of us on forums like this recognize that a global crisis is brewing, so we need to do things differently to avert a catastrophe. We have a mental picture of how the ideal world should look but we don’t know how to get there. For centuries our ancestors kept trying the same ineffective philosophies, strategies, warfare and revolutionary schemes and today we find ourselves in the same unsatisfactory situation as our grandparents if not worse. Philosophizing and analyzing the problem is a good start but gets us nowhere if that doesn’t translate into action. “What then shall we do?” It’s not a lack of information, technology, good ideas or good organization that troubles the world today – our problem is a shortage of good, honest, generous, visionary, noble and trust-worthy people in positions of power to apply the technology, ideas and organization we envisage. For more details see article “The Crucial Importance of Human Genes in The Analysis of Global Political Affairs” One thing everyone seems to forget is that most people out there never read our forums or only pay lip service to our ideals, plans and aspirations. They don’t want to evolve and if we tried to force our ideals on them they would lock us behind bars or beat us up. The most important thing we haven’t yet defined and agreed upon is what to do about those who oppose us. In simple language – how are we to treat those who are part of the problem and vehemently oppose our solution? As the wise visionaries of the past would have said - Unless we can act effectively as visionaries, pioneers and revolutionaries without resorting to the same short-sighted, irresponsible and violent schemes and tactics that we denounce in our opponents, we are no better as human beings and we will not succeed in evolving into a better world. Meditate on these things! 


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