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Hello everyone,

I wanted to briefly introduce myself. I am an IT Consultant and author of a few books, the most significant book is titled The Rainbow Bridge: Bridge to Inner Peace and to World Peace.  This book illuminates the common ground in the world's religions, which is also known as universal principles.  The book helps lead us to inner peace as well as to world peace.  The common ground we walk on together as we cross this bridge to our common future of a peaceful, positive and sustainable world, are universal principles.  The vision is through the magical universal Rainbow Bridge, great numbers of people and organizations come together to help co-create a new global operating system and a world that works for all... a new age, a new era of peace and abundance.  I just released the 3rd edition, which is the 10-year anniversary edition, the 1st edition was published in 2001.  

I am excited to be here and I look forward to getting to know everyone, and to collaborating with one another.



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Thank you for befriending me, Brent

I have not spent much time with the good people on this ning, though I much appreciate it. What you wrote seems very interesting to me, although my possible contribution to global peace is through the local question of Israel and the Middle East. My latest short essay on this is at

and in the website which this address would land you, you may find many things to gladden your mind (I hope) and to check whether we have some common endeavor to pursue

Dear Yitzhaq,

The pleasure is mine.  Thanks very much for your essay, I really like the way you think, this is a very creative solution to a long-standing problem.  I especially enjoyed your article titled "The Temple Vision of Shabbat Ḥazon" where you talked about a temple of light.  Having a three dimensional holographic temple of light would certainly solve another long-standing problem.  The main task at this point, in addition to creating a laser projector of some sort, would be to create a way for a diverse and well represented group of people to be involved in the project itself, otherwise it would not be a solution that everyone would buy into.  In any event, thank you, I applaud your vision and I look forward to collaborating with you.

Can you envision a "rainbow bridge of light" that humans from all walks of life travel across together to our future of peace and harmony?  The ground we would walk on is the common ground found in the world's religions, also known as universal principles.  Can you see it?



Thank you Brent for the encouraging communication 

There are (at least) two Biblical images that may be pertinent for visualizing the Rainbow Bridge of Light. One is the Rainbow of and from No'ah. A corrlaary is that at the time when there live thoroughly just person(s), no rainbow was seen during his effective life time (the example is Rabbi Shim'on bar Yohay). On the other hand, if there are many vices, many rainbows are needed to remind God not to strike. 

The other is Jacob's Ladder, with its traffic of angels. This one is followed, in the next Parashah (weekly Torah reading portion) by Jacob's meeting a "Band of Angels" and then sending the angels as envoys to meet his alienated brother and try to apease him. I've developed a few forms of cyber-angels" and we can think of a display of such (and other) angels moving about, connecting parties in dispute or cooperation, leaving traces of light that sum to Bridges of Light. 

There is a creative confusion beween angels and angles. An angel might be represented by a matching angle or vector for moving in a certain territory or knowledge environment. Does this make sense to you?

My overall work is to create a games system that takes place in the Old City of Jerusalem, progressing in seven stages. . The champions would sit at round tables inside the shrine of the (virtual) Dome of the Rock and form something between them (i.e. a tesseract, or a fetus), which then is raised to the sky show.

BTW - there is a free download of prof. Moshe Idel's book: Ascensions on high in Jewish mysticism: pillars, lines, ladders. Central European University Press, Budapest, 2005. On line download.

Thank you Yitzhaq.  My apologies for not being 100% clear.  I envision of gigantic rainbow bridge of light that connects not only each one of us to our higher selves, and connects our heart and mind, but also I see rainbow bridges of light that connect my heart to your heart and to every other being's heart; that connects my mind to the mind of every other being; that connects my spirit and soul to every other being's spirit and soul; that connects organizations to organizations, that connects families to families, cities to cities, states to states and countries to countries. I see a huge global web of rainbow bridges of light, and as we all consciously envision our collective future of peace, harmony and abundance, and as we "walk across" this bridge in time with one another, the ground we stand on and walk across is the common ground in the world's wisdom traditions.  So although it starts as a mental concept, it is also a heart-based concept that begins in the mind, then the heart and then becomes a very real, very solid concept that can easily be applied in our lives.  As we experience more and more global challenges, and as the need to pull together gets even more important, I believe the very simplicity in going back to the basics will serve us well, will help bring us together, will help us focus on our commonalities and will ultimately be a very powerful tool in helping us collectively manifest a positive future.

I like your concept of cyber-angels moving about, helping spread love, light and understanding wherever they go. And yes the idea that each angel has a different vector or angle, makes sense. Some angels focus on healing, some on right action, some on protection, etc. so yes it makes sense that each angel and Archangel has a different vector or angle.

Thanks so much for the free download, I look forward to reading it.

Speaking of free downloads, if you or anyone else wants a free copy of the latest edition of The Rainbow Bridge: Bridge to Inner Peace and to World Peacefeel free to get it here ( ).

Hi Brent

After some loops, I think the download is working - thank you. Will take me some time, as I'm inundated with material, books and e-books. But I certainly will examine it. 

Hi Yitzhaq, my pleasure.  Enjoy!



Hi Brent

It is early morning here in Jerusalem and it seems I woke up with the thought of angel figues carrying each one of your short chapters. Might do some experiments with them today or if not (it is a over fully scheduled day) very soon. 


Good morning Yitzhaq,

What a lovely way to wake up, what a nice vision!  I look forward to hearing what other beautiful thoughts you might have this fine day or any time soon!


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