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The Elephant wants to leave the do we get him out?

Permalink May 3, 2012

What is truth?  Why is the world so fd up?  I think the American Far Right is going through all the stages of the death—of their deeply rutted way of life.  All America is aware something’s not right--isn’t balanced—that we’re the most “fortunate” people in the world, and rather smugly, we deserve it, don’t we?? It’s conceited—“of course, I mean, we’re just betterl”, sort of minimindset,  and now all the stages of death are rearing their ugly little heads.  We were just greedy pigs hogging resources—and causing suffering to flora, fauna, watersheds, forests, wildlife, primitive cultures—robbing resources, sucking up oil for our hogvehicles..   This morning when I heard Michele Bachman screeching her lungs out saying, And Mitch Romney will bring back our way of life Obama’s taken away!, I actually felt sorry for her.  What was she saying?  That bad man doesn’t want us to be able to flush our toilets a hundred times a day if we damn well want! To burn as much gas as we can, because we are Americans!  Give us our wasteful lightbulbs, our big cars, even though our water table is almost gone---let us flush our big American toilets any time we want –people!!!  We are Republicans, and we want our old way of life back!!   It’s like a crazy person—it’s sad.


Reminds me of the whining, singing pathetic children from the little Rascals trying to convince the other kids that they’re lemonstand is the best---trying to wear the grownups hats, long sleeves and floppy shoes, the girls all made up like mommies…It’s the 50’s revisted, when America said, LETS MAKE MILITARY WEAPONS, PUT PEOPLE TO WORK,  THE ‘AMERICAN DREAM!!’   And the British said, IF WE CAN MAKE MILITARY WEAPONS, WE CAN FOR DAMN SURE TAKE CARE OF OUR PEOPLE’S NATIONAL HEALTH…So we sort of went in opposite directions…….The Brits chose national health, we chose a military industrial complex, and corporate greed.   The GOPs death rattle is, for AMERICA!!  We want to go back to spending  money we don’t have to impress people  we don’t know  when we stop at a  red lights---to drive a Ferrari when only another really really rich guy gives a crap and the country is on a crash course for disaster—No sacrifices!  Buy Buy Buy and throw tomatoes at scientists, environmentalists!!  Who cares if millions of species die – that’s up to God.  NO – IT’S US, BEING HORRIBLE PIGS,



Look to the ancient cultures who learrrrrrned simple ways to deal with simple problems, like water and food THAT America’s far right think’s is too good for.  “What, go back to something primitive??  We’re not animals, is what is still said. YES WE ARE…IF WE EAT, POOP, & DRINK WATER, GET OVER IT.  Today…just thinking a big wedding and having a baby, working toward the “American Dream”,  using credit cards to get there is mentally deranged…it’s like plowing through the sand in a dune buggy in the middle of the Sahara, playing a virtual reality game and expecting to get a fine delicious meal, a hot shower and a warm place to sleep- when it’s over.  But the electricity went out, you didn’t pay the bill, and GAME OVER…  There you are, no preparation—you’re starving, dirty, cold and alone.  And when it’s over—there are PLANTS that provide food, and you don’t know what or where a plant is---and if you sleep on the sand, there’s scorpions, and it’s cold. 

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In conclusion....

We American’s are so OFF THE CHART out of touch with LIFE, NATURE, WHERE THINGS COME FROM THAT WE ASSUME WILL ALWAYS BE THERE—It is stunning, I mean stun gun stunning, the pervasive ignorance out there that has been dragging this sick sad elephant down the highway knowing it is old, and tired and sick of being fed ‘good and plenty’ peanuts and m&m’s…He’s saying, “Kiddies.  All I ever wanted was a clean field of grass, some fresh water, and a roll in the mud—I was never ever meant to live with a bunch of dumb rich republican kids, dragged around on a highway…have some compassion…walk a mile in my shoes—I live in a jungle you dunderheads, try living with me for 50 might wake up”.

Hi Karla,

I'm not sure if the reference toi the Elephant relates to US politics or the quasi-perceived objhect in the room of scientists...

Anyway, the first part of your discussion brings forth serious comment because of the contemporary and vulgar over-use of resources - waste - and the inevitable pressure that puts on everything.


I think that our present situation, whether the US military/industrial complex or whatever, is due to the demands of Money to be exchanges as much as possible, This is why we have an Exchange based Economy and not a Production based economy;p this is why we have allocated all our production off-shore. It may be convenient and "cost effective" but it destroys our communities and out cultural identities because the object if "Economic Rationalism" which means the satisfaction of the demands of Money and no consideration of the people who work and inhabit the places of production.

"Production" equals social context and identity; cultural pridee and group value, whereas "Exchange" equals the <arket and the impersonality of that...


To my mind, all this d

necessarily demand a the production of as much needless product as possible so that it can be sold/exchanges ad readily as possible and as quickly as possible. There is no place in the MARKET for "pricelessness" - this is anathema and must be destroyed. Notice the commoditization of ideas and concepts, the imposition of Welfare State concepts on the Arts adn other aspects of Cultural meaningfulness - this is so as to destroy the fundamental structure and meaning of these cukltural endeavours..


Of course, if we hacve a strong and meaningful Culture, then out Arts etc shall survive, but I think we have been so weakened by the pressure of MONEY that we've sold out and lost it...


Yes, our desire to demonsatrate a disgusting over-use of resources seems to be increasing with time, rather than abating -....strange, isnt it, that they build ever bigger cars and 4WD vehicles for suburban use.... (??) But its all to try and stem the concept of "Market Failure" , ie, the lack of a need from a Market (ie, you and me...) to actually require anything more - SO, tyhey need to create goods and products that need to be constantly replaced - inherent obsolescence... It's a disgrace.

I think that the ony waty we can register our opposition in this community is to decide to no-longer consume...

I hope this note finds you well and happy


All the best,





Karla, David:

While you definitely unloaded on us readers, Karla, you are preaching to the choir on how F'd up the United States of Dementia really is.  So,..................

Rather than burn what precious brain cells we have on trying to 'fight the bear', I suggest we let the bear kill itself.

While our country swirls downward into the void of despair, recklessness, war, greed, hate and genetically modified frankencorn hell, I suggest we devise action plans to extricate ourselves from the dangerous whirlpool that we find ourselves in.  The bear will slash out in anger to try and control us: we must control ourselves and be smarter.  The bear will outrun us, outswim us, outclimb us, outsmell us, and outmuscle us: we must find a way to outsmart the bear.

Action Plan #1:How about if we began owning and operating local organic farms.  We could, if we tried, take control of our food supply.  No more frosted franken flakes for us, just good old grains hand cut and grown as naturally as possible. 


Action Plan #2:  This is how we let the bear kill itself.  We begin to wean ourselves of material possessions.  Clothing goes back to basics.  TV turns into live plays by the local teenagers.  Tracking devices (oops, I mean cell phones) must go too - replaced by community gatherings.  Our economy begins to internalize locally around trade and barter.  Oh no, that means less taxes to support building more bombs. 


If we are to 'go back' to good old times then I choose life on the plains with calloused feet and hands, scruffy beards, and living off the land.  If we are to move forward with technology, that can work too, but I still think we have to shed the materialism.  That's the only  way I can see to take this bad old bear out.


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