WorldShift 2012

Not being inclined to chat, I was nevertheless pleasantly surprised to come across David Sparenberg's review of Dr Lazlo's recent book about Thomas Berry's life and work. We [Ruth and I] recently read Berry's The Great Work and thrilled at the perspectives his so adroit mind fashioned out of his sensitivity to Creation. In David's review he quotes Dr Lazlo in the forward:‘In the beginning was the dream. Through the dream all things were made, and without the dream, nothing was made that has been made.’…I got such a laugh at that last '....that has been made.' It is a perhaps personal response to the issue of non-duality I'm having with our son Jesse. Our world is still full of delight ...even in its agony it is so, and in spite of the need for rebirth that has been brought [not so suddenly either] upon us. This event is simply awesome, a wonderment. And so we see human participation on planet Earth at such a critical pass.... It is overwhelming to see and feel the synchronicity of the cosmic climax enshrined in the Long Count calendar of the Mayan culture with the terrestrial emergency brought about by our species. The timing of this cosmic event in an iconic purification time, as forewarned by the recently passed on Hopi elders: (chief & shaman) Dan Evehema and Thomas Banyacya] of sublime dimension. The transition the Universe demands certain to oversee the end of Homo sapiens. This should come as no surprise as very little of the more visible consequences of this species' cult of power and predation is the result of being a '....sapiens'. Indeed, it is what the cult of evil, incarnate and cosmic, has bequeathed us that Creation must now resolve ....for it has become a deadly criminal adventure that spread across the face of Heaven and Earth in its time..... What is now clear is that the tainted flower cannot suddenly be washed clean; its species is stained forever with the grief of all the stigma it brought upon itself. I don't need to recite the litany of them.... Instead, we must bow to the greatest force that ever was ....and will continue forever to be.... and in an expression of our faith, trust we will know which way to turn when the poisoned heads our way.... which indeed it will! Karma was always real....

[and with lovingkindness our hearts we sing....]

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