WorldShift 2012

Is This World View vs The Hungarian View True???????

Opening program! Enjoy :


Is this the end of the world or a Better beginning ?

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I'M IN :)

thanks, peter

Ma pleasure.....always trying to bring the as we need to have a meeting place...and so far this is the best!

Very revealing, apocalyptic in fact!!

Saddly true, as you say.......we must prepare as that is the only way to improve........hiding our heads in the sand will not solve the problem.

Also in Italy we have similar efforts. It's in Italian but you may check  all dedicated to  the new coming world.

May be we'll make it !!



Not Maybe.......We Will MAKE IT and the only question is how!


We have overcome way too many battles, wars, natural and man made dissasters , surviving them all and still

growing and improving. Today, as Dr Laszlo also stated, are we prepared enough for a paradigm shift that is greater and effecting us everywhere, to adapt to it. Can we make the best of all we learned for a better world where we are equal and more balanced, that is the least that is how I see it.

Thanks for the affirmative declaration.  I stand in agreement with you that we will make it!

In the words of Stephen Israel “I’M IN 2!”


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