WorldShift 2012

Many of you have been following my writing for some time now and I thank you for that. As you know my intention is to spread and anchor the love and light which is the energy of our new dawn; this I have been doing in my writing. The community I have connected with this passed year has proven to be a very loving and supportive one and I have met some beautiful souls along the way. Parts of my book have come about from the interactions I have had with people on the social network sites, my blogs and through personal contacts. In replying to comments I have quite often thought "aaahhh! I will use that in a post" and then eventually it would go into the book. Many of you have commented on the love and warmth you felt emanating out through my words; this too extends to the book and each word comes from that place of heart-centred love, joy and truth. And it is in this same way that the energy of these words and my intention for the book will ripple out around the world transforming all in its wake. From my heart to yours may the warmth and love that is within me spread out like a ripple effect softly touching and moving us all to another place; a new dawn. Jacqui xxx

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