WorldShift 2012

Beyond the Shift

The aim of beyond the shift (for our new friends) is to assist in birthing new earth energies. Please join with me to spread the word and vision.
Our light is what is needed now more than ever. Let us then look not at our deepest, darkest fears but rather our purest brilliance that shines within. Let us focus on the wonderful changes that are happening in our world today…they are there if you start to look. You will ‘see’ that laying just beneath the seemingly chaotic, there is positive change. Many people, perhaps for the first time are beginning to look outwards to others to support and nurture. Institutions are revolutionising their working systems to take into account the wider world. Our light is growing stronger…and as we come together we become stronger and our intentions for a life of community becomes manifest. We are that change…we are the new world…we are the vision. Let us then share it with others that they may also ”be the change.”

Ascension Master (Initiate) Founder of Beyond the Shift Universal Movement, Poet, Author and Bringer of a new dawn

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Peter,  I have lately been working on making friends with poop...specifically all poop.  Some in Haiti teaching compost toileting to those still in chaos from the earthquake, are working on it, and doing well, building compost toilets and learning not to dump sewage in their rivers--i.e. preventing a further cholera epidemic.  I still have trouble with poop, I have a compost pit for my garden, chickens, but still can't get into the human compost thing.  Yuk.  But  I recently came across Bob Faust whose a master horticulturist, and learned about humic acid...I believe James Cameron was here in Hawaii and discovered why there are so many huge, abundant beautiful fish off Molokai--it's because the deep canyons at the sea floor are covered with branches, tree stumps, dead things, foilage etc., and the humic/fulvic acid is what makes the fish so beautiful and abundant--with all that humus on the sea floor making good bacteria for life to flourish...and the fact is, there are very few people living on Molokai.  The rain washes down the canyons naturally, unlike our other very populated islands here in Hawaii.  So it's the dead things, the poop and rain that make healthy plants, forests, and animals...and we humans and most of our farm land is all very depleted in humic/fulvic acid.


So I did something bizarre, I had a large bag of it, and began drinking the stuff.  Just a pinch of dry black stuff in water--I don't know what prompted this's supposed to be for plants, but I did find out it is really good, for just about everything--plants animals and people.  I'm doing an experiment, and I'm the lab rat--so far, it's been a month, and I feel like a superhuman.  I know I'm not--but this stuff sure makes you feel you are. I also don't seem interested in anything but vegetables and organic food...not even chocolate anymore.   I know this isn't your area--but I have a feeling it may be an answer to longer life...I guess I'll find out.   I hope one day I will find a way to make friends with composting you-know-what, which you can get methane/ free energy, from.   Well, not totally free--but almost.

As for gas, I wonder with all the melting permafrost, why someone isn't going up there and bagging all that methane, rather than drilling and fraking?  Do you know anything about that?  


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