WorldShift 2012

"All is riding on the Energy of The Highest Good of All...beginning with the Owning of Ourselves as God One better that the Other...All Loved beyond measure as Children of the Infinite.  Pure Love is the Glue that holds Space & the Engine of On-Going Creation.  Aritsts, Musicians, Poets, Dancers, Writers & so Many more have tapped into Our Highest Multi-Dimensional Self & brought into Manifestation the Awe & Wonderment that lives there.

"Endless Possibilities!" is the name of the Energy presented in the year 2000 & as it is with Inspiration...the meaning came in Divne Timing.  A Cosmic Simplicity anchored in the Energy of the Purist Love...that contained within the Heart of The Divine.

Many Masters have & do walk Precious Earth Holding & Keeping this Pure Love lifted to the Pinnacles.  Each & EveryOne of Us is a God Spark...Sisters & Brothers of a Family of Light of OneNess.  We Simply Sparkle Our Light out into the World in Unimaginable Unique Artciulations & Each has a Unique Gift to share with the Rest of Us.  It is up to Us to delve deeply into Our Cores to find the Jewel that resides within.  "Know Thyself"...the meaning opens the Cosmos to Us All..."

Love Always & Forever,


Pat Timmermans...Purveyor of  "Endless Possibilities!"

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