WorldShift 2012


21 december 2012

Many things are published about this specific date.

Many people are preparing themselves, many people are scared and many people say it is all nonsense.

Personally I don't believe that the world is going to end.

But I do believe in a shift in consciousness.


What do you all here at "Worldshift 2012" think about this 21 12 2012 phenomenon?

Is this forum still "alive" or "sleeping"?

I am here since yesterday, I think this forum is great and inspiring.


(I come from the Netherlands and live in Germany, my English isn't perfect)



In English and German.


A Message of Hope:

 In English and German.

(I don't meditate, but I find the message in this film very important)





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Eckhart Tolle Live Meditation:

an after 11 november 48 hours available on the internet.  

Is this forum sleeping? Or are all preparing for 21 december 2012?



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